Ultramar Professional Textile Care Products

Since 1988 Ultramar have been established as one of Europe's leading professional sail and tent cleaners.

Combining their own in-house experience of cleaning performance textiles with the expertise of specialist partners, Ultramar have developed a complete range of professional textile care and maintenance products for sails, boat covers, awnings, tents, kites and other outdoor fabrics.

Years of hands-on experience has helped develop and establish a range of products that do exactly what they are meant to do; namely to clean and protect.

With the high performance expectations of technical fabrics in the most extreme climate conditions, Contender UK recognises the need to offer the best care systems available. Having been tested and proven in the global marine and outdoor market, Ultramar is fully endorsed and recommended by sailmakers to support the care and ensure the long-term performance of covers, sails and outdoor textiles.

Protect before it is too late! - Often we only think of cleaning and protecting textiles after they have started to leak, have turned green with algae or have become contaminated with mildew. Taking preventive measures from the beginning, combined with an ongoing care and maintenance program, will help maximise the performance and lifespan of your sails, boat covers, awnings, tents, kites and other outdoor fabrics.

We would always recommend you consult with your manufacturer to establish an appropriate care program for your specific product.

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For more information visit the Ultramar website at www.ultramar-products.com