Q-Snap secured snap fastener

Q-Snap is a new patented solution to the traditional press stud, press fastener and snap fastener. It combines a secured connection that won't pop loose with a lever action to tension the cover. It was developed for boat covers, marine covers and spray hoods but is perfect for all applications that require a tensioned and secure fastening.

Easy to use - The lever action makes it easy for all to tension and secure a cover in one easy action.

Tight and secure connection - Cover makers can make a solid and tensioned cover that protects boat and crew properly. The result is a cover that won't pop loose.

Quick to install - Installation is like a normal press fastener. Special tools make it faster to install than other secured fasteners. There are no extra parts, thanks to smart pre-assembly.

Quality and durability - Q-Snap is unique in being made from marine grade stainless steel 316 throughout, right down to the ring spring in the socket. Designed for the harsh marine environment it is the only secured fastener without moving parts. It is durable and robust.

Q-Snap Intro Brochure Q-Snap Retail Brochure

For more information visit the Q-Snap website at www.surefas.com

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