PERFIX next generation fastener

PERFIX is a new patented fastener system specifically developed for boat covers, marine covers and spray hoods.

No Pins - PERFIX does not involve protruding pins, sharp parts or other hazardous obstacles on deck. Only smooth, round fixing points which prevent injury, cloth damage or snagged ropes and cords.

Perfect Grip - The special grip design of the top means that you can easily attach PERFIX to the fixing points: simply press the two together and the PERFIX clicks when it is secure. Even with cold and wet fingers, the covers can easily be released from the PERFIX fixing points, thanks to the perfect grip of the lifting head.

Durable and corrosion free - Each individual part of PERFIX is made of the highest quality glass fibre reinforced UV stabilised nylon, with a 316 stainless steel spring. PERFIX is tough, durable, corrosion free and UV resistant.

Problem free switch over - PERFIX can easily replace most other fasteners using the existing holes on both deck and cover. With the handy tool provided, you can remove the old fasteners and replace them with's as simple as that!

Different colours - PERFIX is available in white, grey, dark blue and black. Buttons and receivers are sold separately to ensure the best look on both your boat and cover.

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