The Complete Fabric Cutting Service

Contender C360 is the innovative automated textile cutting service from Contender UK. Using the very latest in automated cutting technology we provide innovative fabrics precision cut to our customers' individual requirements. We also cut free issue fabrics supplied directly to us by a customer. Our fully vacuumed 16 metre by 2 metre flat bed cutting surface is equipped with both laser and blade cutting gantries, complete with plotting tool heads to provide the most accurate and suitable cutting method for the widest range of materials. We offer a complete cut and plot service.

In addition we offer a complete in house design and pattern digitising service. The use of Rhino and PatternSmith software for design and nesting provides speed and accuracy throughout the process, from digitised design to precision cutting.

Be it sailcloth cutting, PVC cutting, Kevlar cutting, cotton cutting, acrylic cutting, polyester cutting, nylon cutting to felt cutting we are here to help with your fabric cutting and plotting needs. Please contact us to discuss your cutting or design requirements.

Contender UK C360 Sailmaker Design Partners C360 Cutter In Action On YouTube